close to the Historic City of Paraty, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro..

Peace and tranquility, sensations that involve the visitor upon arrival


Come and visit Paraty

Want to have fun? Rest? Get rich culturally? So, your destination is Paraty. The city offers entertainment for all ages and lifestyles.

Visitors will be enchanted with the poetic atmosphere of the Historic Center, with the irregular paving of cobblestones, with the architecture of the houses of the 18th and 19th centuries and with the churches, which in themselves tell the story of the early days of Paraty and Brazil.
The region has an indented coastline, with numerous indentations that formed a rich marine ecosystem. There are 65 islands and more than a hundred beaches with green and transparent waters.

With a mountainous and rugged geography, Paraty has several waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfalls with formation of slides, pools and natural wells inserted in the Atlantic Forest. Adventurous visitors can practice surfing, diving, mountaineering, tree climbing, trekking, rafting and much more. more, just look for accredited agencies.

Another unmissable attraction in Paraty is the visit of the 18th century stills. Paraty was the most important brandy producing region in Colony Brazil. Of the more than 100 stills that worked, today the city has only six. But all recognized for their undeniable quality.

Throughout the year, Paraty has a program full of traditional events of local culture and literary and cinematic attractions that have been leveraging contemporary cultural tourism.